Children's eye health and learning problems

  • 80% of all learning during a child’s school years is obtained through vision.
  • Vision disorders are the fourth most common disability in the United States and the most prevalent handicapping condition in childhood.
  • 8 to 12 million school-age children are at risk from undetected vision impairments

The visual system is a significant part of how we process information and a key factor in how we learn.  80 percent of what you perceive, comprehend and remember depends on the efficiency of the visual system.

Children with focusing problems often quit.  They have to work so hard to keep the print clear that they just give up.  Grades and attention suffer.

Children with tracking problems can’t control their eye movements during reading.  They lose their place or have to use their finger to guide their eyes.  Is it any wonder they don’t like to read?

1 in 4 children in every class room have vision problems that interfere with their ability to read, learn, and stay on task.

These vision problems don’t show up in school screenings. A child can have 20/20, or normal eye sight, and still not have the visual skills they need to read and maintain attention.

Parents & Teachers: Please do not assume that a child has healthy eyes and no problems seeing in school. That assumption could risk the child's future eye health and school achievement. Have their eyes examined.

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